What is Salvaged?

“To save something from destruction or waste and put to further use”
Tree Removal At UofT
Tree Being Removed at University of Toronto.

Salvaged wood derives from trees that have been felled due to storm damage, insects/ disease and development.   These Toronto trees are collected then processed into new and usable material.

Urban Tree Salvage carries a selection of locally felled Toronto trees ranging in age from 50-200 years old. Due to their stressful growing environments, urban trees often have deeper colors, interesting grain patterns, knots, cracks and evidence of insect activity.

Spikes, nails, wires, fencing and pipes are all common elements found in urban trees making them undesirable for most sawmills and deeming them as waste.

If you would like to see a selection of the furniture we make from these trees, and think about having your next meal on one of our tables, please visit our Dining Tables page! 

What is Reclaimed?

“The recovery of useful substances from waste products”

Urban Tree Salvage carries reclaimed wood from fallen or dismantled northern Ontario barns as well as historic Toronto wharfs dating back to the early 1800’s.

Depending on its former use, the wood will have unique colours and textures caused by a combination of mineral absorption, sun, rain and wind.

Distinguishing features such as hand forged spikes, nails, tight annual growth rings and timber branding are commonly found in these beams and boards showcasing old world craftsmanship and processing techniques.

Logs were branded using unique symbols or marks for the purpose of identifying ownership. Loggers applied their marks using a heavy branding hammer, which drove an impression deep into the log.

Reclaimed wood from the Queens Wharf
Wood reclaimed from Toronto's Queen's Wharf