Natural Solid Wood Log Round Tree Table

Log round or Wood Tree Table
Log rounds and wood Stumps are great for plant stands, seating...
Log Stumps for seating
Log Stump as a little seat
log round accent piece
Log round accent piece

As a stand-alone piece or clustered together, our natural solid wood log round tree table are versatile pieces used for organic side tables, occasional seating and rustic coffee tables.  Available in a variety of locally salvaged hardwoods from felled Toronto trees, our tree trunk tables are a perfect addition to condos and small spaces.  Short on seating? Pull up a tree stump table.  Need a spot to sit and take off your shoes, add a tree round to your foyer.

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We are low in Stock

Sorry, we are currently low in stock of our solid wood log round tree tables but hope to add more to our ready to go inventory very soon.  Click on image to see pictures of how to use them in your space.