Table Seating Charts

Before choosing your piece of wood, its best to determine how many people you would like to seat and what size best fits your space. Start by measuring the room it will go in, taking into account doors, other furniture and traffic flow. A table that is too small won’t be properly portioned and one that is too large may inhibit the proper flow of your space.

The number of people you would like to seat will determine the best length. Table lengths will jump up in odd increments, such as 5’, 7’, 9’, etc. Even numbers are in between sizes. For example, as the rule of thumb is 24” per person for formal dining, a 5’ table will comfortably seat 6 while a 7’ table will comfortably seat 8. A 6’ length is an in between size that will very comfortably seat 6 and you can get up to 8 depending on the base design chosen and the width of your chairs.

Please click on the images below to open up a new window for examples of seating arrangements based on different lengths/ seating ranges.

  • 5 foot table seating layout
  • 6 foot table seating layout
  • 7 foot table seating layout
  • 8 foot table seating layout

  • 9 foot table seating layout
  • 10 foot table seating layout
  • 11 foot table seating layout

Choosing your width will also depend on your space and how you plan on using the table. In a perfect scenario, we recommend leaving 24” of space to account for chairs being pulled out from the table when in use as well as another 12” of space for wiggle room. Unfortunately not all spaces will allow for an extra 36” on each side, especially if you’re in a condo or narrow home. In this situation, you will need to be a bit more flexible on how much extra space to leave.


From our years of experience, we find that a table that ranges in width from 36-40” is the most common and fits the best in your average home. If you like to entertain and hold big dinner parties, then 40-44” wide is recommended to give you more space down the center to hold plates and platters.

What about leaves and extensions? Unfortunately we don’t offer these options due to potential wood movement issues but we do offer a couple of alternatives. For example, if you’re looking to seat 6-8 people (5-7’ length), then we recommend choosing a table that fits in between, such as a 6’. Another popular option is taking a larger table set, cutting it down to your desired main table size and then creating an add-on table from the cut off that you can butt up to the main table when needed. When not in use, this additional table can be used as a desk or console.

Table Seating