Choose your Finishes

We offer different wood finish options depending on the look/color you’re after including oil based stains, water based urethanes and hand rubbed oils which we create in-house.

Maple Dining Table Finished with Oil
Maple Dining Table Finished with an Oil finish

When choosing the color of your table, things to consider are other furniture pieces within the space and the color of your floors. If you would like to create a focal point, then going lighter or darker than your floors will create contrast and make your table “pop”. If you choose to go tone on tone, also known as monochromatic, your table will not stand out as much. You can however break it up visually by the color of your chairs or by adding an area rug below.

Hand rubbed oils bring out the natural colors of the wood and come in a matte/satin finish. The benefit of choosing a straight oil finish is that it allows you to feel the wood. Please keep in mind that products that are solely oiled will require periodic maintenance. Depending on usage, we recommend re-oiling your table 1-2x/year in order to maintain its resistance to moisture and stains and to keep the wood from drying out. If you like to look of the oil but prefer no maintenance, then we recommend top coating with a urethane.

A Straight urethane tends to mute the colors, making the wood look closer to the color of the unfinished material. Urethanes can be used on their own or as a top coat over hand rubbed oils or stains for added durability. The benefit of the urethane finish is that it adds extra protection while requiring no future maintenance/ upkeep but it doesn’t allow you to feel the wood as it creates a coating to help protect the wood. We use a satin sheen as the glossier you go, any scratches or imperfections that may develop over the years become more pronounced.

Staining allows you to change the natural color of the wood to one better suited for your space. While staining changes the color, it doesn’t have any protective qualities. You will require a top coat over the stain to seal the wood. You can either choose a hand rubbed oil or a water based urethane.

Maple Table with Urethane Finish
Maple Dining Table with Urethane Finish.
Ebonized Oak
Ebonized Oak log round

Another interesting staining option that we offer is an old school technique where we combine steel wool and vinegar. The acids in the vinegar oxidize the metal and when applied to oak, creates a very dark, ebonized affect. This technique only works on oak as it is reacting to the tannins in the wood.

Our finished are very durable but not indestructible. We don’t recommend leaving sitting water on the table for periods of time or placing very hot items like a pot off the stove for example, directly on the surface as it can affect the finish. If a problem does occur, please don’t panic as there are tricks to remove it.

If you are unsure what color best suits your space, you can speak to our color specialist and samples will be custom-made for you to bring home and compare in your living space.