Choose Your Base Design

Just like our table tops, all our bases are built to order to account for the size of your top as well as your desired seating arrangement.

Using industrial steel, our bases are degreased, sanded and top coated with a water based urethane to protect the metal. Our bases are very durable, not like the mass-produced metal bases that you see at your local large furniture retailer or box store. Ours are fully welded units, which provide added support for the top while preventing racking. Our bases also come with inset levelers that you can adjust to your floors.

We offer a variety of designs from your traditional parson style to more contemporary designs such as the z-frame, x-frame and the ever popular u-shape to name a few. We also offer a couple of contemporary wood designs too. Looking for a different design, please send us your inspiration pictures for review.

Custom metal table base
Custom metal dining table base
inset levelers
Inset Levelers built right into the table base.

There are a few things to think about when deciding on what style of base you would like created for your top.

A parson style (legs at the corner) is a more traditional base design. The advantage of this type of base is that there will be no leg/ seating obstructions for side seating as the legs are located at the corners. The disadvantage of this design is that it doesn’t allow you to squeeze in extra seating if needed as you are restricted with the legs at the ends.

Inset designs tend to be a more contemporary and popular choice. The advantage of this type of base is that you can squeeze in extra seating if needed as there are no restrictions on the corners. However, due to safety aspects of inset designs, they can only be inset so far to ensure the table top will not tip over if someone pushes down on the table when getting up. For this reason, side seating will need to accommodate their legs and feet around the base when seated. Chairs will also not be able to fully push under the table. Only when we get to a 9’ length are we able to place the leg location in between chairs. Please see our seating guide section for diagrams of chair placements based on different lengths.

We offer 2 different metal finishes option: hot rolled steel and blackened steel.

When deciding on a finish, consider the other elements in your space such as hardware, light fixtures, railings and appliances.

The hot rolled steel has variations of light and dark gray and gives a more industrial feel. This finish complements brushed nickel hardware and stainless steel really well.

The blackening finish is caused by an oxidization process which creates an overall black with subtle hints of browns and rust tones.

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