Made to order Custom Tables & Custom Furniture

Live edge raw custom dining table sets.

At our Toronto furniture showroom, we carry a large selection of wooden table sets, ready to be turned into made to order custom tables and other custom furniture pieces.  We leave these salvaged wood slabs in the raw form as this allows us to fully customize to our clients specifications.  Seeing the beauty in the raw state takes some imagination and guidance from us but our decades of knowledge will help you select the right piece for your new solid wood furniture purchase.

In your personalized consultation, we will guide you through the entire custom table selection process starting with your size.  We help guide you in choosing what table fits best in your space, with an 8 seater dining table being the most popular.

Next, we help you select your reclaimed table top.  Offered with a natural live edge or a more contemporary cut edge, we can create your solid wood table top to any size or shape including cut outs for cable chases, data ports, sinks and faucets.

We then assist you in choosing the color that best suits your space taking into account your floors, walls and other furnishings.  The final design detail is selecting your base design.  We custom make a selection of classic and contemporary metal base and wood base designs.

With so many companies to choose from, why choose Urban Tree Salvage. We offer superior quality, exceptional customer service, personalized consultations, customizable options and competitive pricing. Best of all, you get to work directly with the artisan.

If you’re looking to have a quality, made to order dining table or other custom furniture piece

Live edge ash dining table
Live edge ash dining table with parson base